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On The Lee Shore

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This is the third novel in the Alexander Clay series
Newly promoted to Post Captain, Alexander Clay returns home from the Caribbean to recover from wounds sustained at the Battle of San Felipe. However, he is soon called upon by the Admiralty to take command of the frigate HMS Titan and join the blockade of the French coast. But the HMS Titan will be no easy command with its troubled crew that had launched a successful mutiny against its previous sadistic captain. Once aboard, Clay realizes he must confront the dangers of a fractious crew, rife with corrupt officers and disgruntled mutineers, if he is to have a united force capable of navigating the treacherous reefs of Brittany’s notorious lee shore and successfully combating the French determined to break out of the blockade.
Philip K Allan manages to move the reader effortlessly between the quarter deck officers and the lower deck men to paint a very convincing picture of life on a ship that is not only battling the elements and a determined enemy on the French coast but within the bounds of his own ship. Even the loyalty of old hands who came with him to this ship is being testing in this very exciting sea yarn.
James Boschert: Author of the Talon Series

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