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The Sea Wolf~ Blood Boon Book I

439 pages7 hours


Ireland, 1773 and Ian Shannon fears for his daughter’s life. He gives Gabriella an important scrap of parchment written in a cryptic language, and attempts to hide her in a hatch beneath the floor. An angry mob demands the young woman sacrifice her life to satiate the demonic plague that has been terrorizing their village. After a murderous confrontation, the villagers drag Gabriella from her home and set her adrift on the dark Irish Sea. Elsewhere in the same waters, the ruggedly handsome Captain James Delacroix—known to many as The Sea Wolf, is in a battle of his own trying to keep his beloved ship, the Marie Elena, from going down in a storm. But in the churning clouds, he swears he sees the face of a beautiful woman, an omen perhaps? Soon after the storm has passed, the crew finds Gabriella adrift and brings her aboard. She eventually reveals the truth to her rescuer that a vampire hunts her—Lord Draven Valentin—who slays all in his path and has the ability to visit her in her dreams. When Gabriella begins dreaming about James, Valentin grows viciously determined to claim his chaste prize intact...

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