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Sweet Meant To Be

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Starting over–again
Dani considers herself lucky to get an assistant's job that pays so well even if it is in the back of beyond and temporary.  The timing is perfect.  She'll do the work, save every dime, and be well on her way for the next step when the job ends.  Fending for herself is her new mantra, and no involvement is her new motto.

No women allowed
Connor can't believe his partner hired a woman for an all male construction crew site–what was he thinking?  He'll soon send her packing.  Or so he thinks until she proves invaluable.  Still his policy is no women allowed and that means pretty petite one who tug at his heart strings.  

Another road he refuses to travel.  
Tragedy struck once. Conner won't open himself up to another possibility of unimaginable heartache.  As for Dani, she knows better than to trust anyone.  Is a two-month temporary job long enough to change their minds?

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