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Grandpa Henry, the Explorer: The Secret of the Light Blue Cave: Grandpa Henry, the Explorer., #1

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Henry is an elderly gentleman different from ordinary people... He wears brown leather boots with black cords, brown matching clothes and a big dark brown hat with a deep yellow feather decorating his head.

What is really special about him are his big and expressive greenish eyes that have seen a lot...

It all began when Grandpa Henry was eleven years old and was playing in the backyard of his home along with other children of his age.

The children were playing with various animals, animals of all kinds. A small lizard with a red-green neck, a white kitty with a tufted fur and a pink tail, a dog with two brown and two white legs, and a chubby white rabbit with a grey-black nose. There was even an owl with violet long and round feathers and an elderly turtle with a giant shell which enjoyed chewing lettuces.

At this very early age, he makes his first exploration and discovers that not only humans have the right to life, but all the beings of nature...

Travel along with Grandpa Henry the explorer to a fascinating magical journey to unexplored places and discover the magic of life through his greenish eyes.

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