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Death Lottery: The Martyr

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Title: Death Lottery: The Martyr
Word count: About 20.000
In a world ruled and organized by a seemingly omnipresent software developed by a mysterious corporation, where humanity has reached a new level of technological development leading to an almost disease-free world, Death Lottery - The Martyr follows the story of a man faced with the dreadful decision of choosing between his ill wife's life and his own. The game called Death Lottery offers his only chance of saving his beloved at the greatest price there is... life. Death Lottery takes a deep dive into morality issues, the turmoil of both psychological issues and physical illness, all set in a dystopian future city of New York.
The Martyr is part of an extensive project which will cover in the future the next titles:
Death Lottery: The Warrior
Death Lottery: The Painter
Death Lottery: The Spy
Death Lottery: The Builder
Death Lottery: 068e097t104
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