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Dragon Unbroken: A Reverse Harem Romance: Spellbound Souls, #2

276 pages3 hours


Three irresistible dragon men, one mate.
Undeniable attraction, inescapable danger.

Dragon shifter Ariana West will do anything for the men she's falling in love with, including take on a sketchy mission for an alpha she despises. Their task is to retrieve treasure from a shifter whose name sparks fear in the shifter world.

One problem, however: he's the father of one of her partners.

As the four dragon shifters navigate a forest too dense for their powers, they encounter trials and revelations that test the boundaries of their budding relationships and cause them to question the very fabric of their fates.

Retrieving the treasure is only half the job. Once they find it, they have to get out of the forest with their lives—and love—intact.

Dragon Unbroken is the second book in a reverse harem trilogy featuring one strong female dragon shifter and the three hot-as-sin dragon shifters who win a place in her company...and in her bed.

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