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Acheron Falls

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Talk about the road less traveled…

Of the many words Elizabeth Dane would have used to describe her life, 'posthumous' was probably farthest down the list. So it came as some surprise to her when a fateful car accident vaulted it right to the top, not to mention vaulting her right into Heaven.
Not one to be deterred by something as inconvenient as death, Ellie quickly sets about looking for a way back to her mortal coil. The path back appears in the unlikely form of William Granger, an angry 'Cast Aside' with his own axes to grind. Despite an instant wedge of mutual dislike between them, the two form a tenuous alliance, each agreeing to help the other get what they want.
Armed only with their inability to get along and a plan that involves breaking the one rule that Heaven actually has, what could possibly go wrong?

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