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Pharaoh's Treasure: Storm Ketchum Tales, #6

63 pages55 minutes


Another slice of life on North Carolina's Outer Banks, from the author who took you to PORT STARBIRD!

In this companion short story to the STORM KETCHUM ADVENTURES series of island mysteries, a Saturday morning chore turns into a treasure hunt.

While Ketch and the kids work at clearing a space for a new boathouse, they stumble upon an artifact that may or may not be related to an arcane bit of island lore. Did an eighteenth-century windmill operator really amass a legendary treasure? Did he bury it in Ketch's back yard? And will Ketch be able to hang on to his find despite an unhealthy interest from some unsavory neighbors?

Join amateur sleuth Storm 'Ketch' Ketchum as he exposes the mystery of Pharaoh's treasure on historic Hatteras Island, where intrigue always seems to be just around the next corner.


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