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Return to Celebration House

230 pages3 hours


Melanie Hansen loved her younger sister, Carrie. But when Carrie moved to Lexington, Missouri, to restore an antebellum house, Melanie was pretty sure Baby Sister had lost her mind.
Then her worst fear comes true: Carrie dies. When a letter arrives, asking Melanie to return to Celebration House, she has no choice but to leave all that she knows in Seattle and travel to Missouri.
All Melanie wants to do is find a buyer. That’s a difficult task with all of the restrictions her sister and the grumpy historian, Zach Oakes, put on the sale of the house. Plus, local residents are convinced the place is haunted. The few-and-far-between offers made would destroy Carrie’s restorations. Melanie cannot allow that.
Homesick and overwhelmed by grief, Melanie finds Zach’s shoulders just right for leaning on. But when tragedy strikes, she must ask: is Celebration House her new home?

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