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Philippines Photo Essay

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It is Essay of travelling with a lot of photos. It is diary style. The Philippines is a country with beautiful natural environment and warm hearted people.
Historically, it has colonial history that had undergone Spanish rule for more than 300 years and had undergone American rule for 50 years and suffered the invasion of Japan. Because, it was in a geographically important position, and because of its climate, natural environment and resources, many world powers must have coveted it. The Filipinos who live in a rugged but unspoiled natural environment were impressive throughout our trip.
Coconut trees, banana, mango, durian, and other tropical fruits, which can be seen everywhere, and dishes made from these ingredients are very distinctive colors of the Philippines. However, the influence of colonialism still exists, and it is also a country where the difference of wealthy people and the poor is clearly seen more than any other Asian country. There are 7107 islands and 137 dialects. There are many islands where natural environment is alive.
It is a country where smiles of people are seen who are living in harmony with nature, a diverse ethnic groups and culture. We were enjoying the buildings, customs, cuisine mixed with European and Asian styles. When we traveled to Brunei last time, we stopped over this land by chance, and to the mainland of the Philippines this time, and once again would stop over in this country when we travel to Papua New Guinea next time. Thus, it became the only country to visit three consecutive times. It is also a country where English is a good way to ask for directions and ask something when problems arise, and it is also a country that we would like to find again in winter due to the warm climate that we feel. It was sweet memory with the development of coconut-based dishes and sweet desserts.
The Philippines country was definitely one of the countries we want to visit again.

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