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Greybark and other Twisted Tales

348 pages5 hours


Greybark is a collection of published short stories that previously appeared in both print and online publications, all brought together now in one book. Here you will find short stories of horror and hauntings, tales of strange beings and vampires and talking trees, accounts of death and destruction, fatal encounters with ghosts and monsters and mythical creatures, and crime mysteries with unexpected twists in the tales. This is a book to keep by your bedside for a quick read before lights out, or to take with you when travelling, to dip into at random whenever you have half-an-hour to fill or do not have the time to read a full-length novel. Don’t leave home without it!

Several of the stories in this book originally appeared in the anthologies Beneath the Surface and Trips to the Dark Side, both published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing and currently out of print. Beneath the Surface was voted third out of the 64 books considered by the Preditors and Editors Poll 2012 in the Anthologies category.

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