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The primary focus of Vietnumb is to convey the need to break the cycle of violence, this culture of war that we seem destined to repeat, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. As a result of my personal involvement five decades ago in Vietnam, I should liken these poems to the testimonies of those in the documentary film, "Winter Soldier." I will never escape the extortion of guilt that was borne out of my participation in that misadventure, but if I might lyrically impact one young man or prevent one young woman from falling prey - to the insidious, the mendacious masters of war, I will have served my country better than I did those many years ago. A gritty narrative in verse, Vietnumb is a recollection of my time as a nineteen year old field marine in "the unpopular war" — a period that continues to plague me in the onerous aftermath of its wake.

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