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A Killer Among Us

221 pages2 hours


Detective Alex Ramsey has a dead body but no answers.

A savage murder has left a Pennsylvania community on edge. With little information and time running out, Alex is forced to confront evil.

A desperate criminal strikes out.

He didn't mean to kill her. Backed into a corner, there was no other choice. Staring into the face of chaos, a once ordinary man sees his life unraveling. He's in too deep and spiraling out of control. Trapped by secrets that can't be undone, he's ready to kill again.

Another victim in in the killer's crosshairs.

After a string of disturbing events, Detective Ramsey realizes that ER nurse Amanda is in danger. Can he track down the killer and bring him to justice before it's too late? Or will a lethal secret bring a devastating end to Amanda's life?

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