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The New Scientific Paradigm : Testohistorodynamic Theory of Human Evolution Through Viral and Microbial Symbiogenesis and Epigenetic Inheritance

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The new revolutionary scientific paradigm of Testohistorodynamics describes a new theory of human brain evolution that factors into human evolution Lynn Margulis's discovery of Viral and Microbia Symbiogenesis along with Epigenetic inheritance.  The new paradigm of the Testohistorodynamic Theory of evolution of the human brain specifically describes the effect of one protozoan pathogen, Toxoplasma Gondii that is the most successful parasite on earth in terms of wide scale infection of diverse mammals. Toxoplasma Gondii triggers the release of high levels of the hormone Testosterone in human males.

The Testosterone restructures neural network architecture in the human brain, and the RNA mechanism enabling  Epigenetic inheritance of "expressed" traits by specific elements in the  DNA genome of a person being activated, enables this altered brain architecture to be passed  down to children. The human Alpha male with high levels of Testosterone, due to being infected with the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite, is more likely to be aggressive and violent.  In any conflicts such an Alpha Male is more likely to win again, and this is called the "Winner Effect." High status human Alpha males, (war lords), with brains infected by the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite created nation states through warfare.

The adoption of domestication of plants, raising of grain crops, and abandonment of hunter-gatherer nomadic ways of life, led to infestation of stationary tribal communities with rats and mice lured to human habitations by storage of grains. Wild cats soon followed the rodents to human villages located in the middle of fields of cultivated crops.

The Toxoplasma Gondii parasite which is only able to reproduce in cats, was excreted onto the dirt in and around villages and the parasite soon infected humans on a massive scale.  The parasite has designed itself through evolution, to make rodents such as mice and rats, lose their fear and even be attracted to cats. Cats infected with the parasite become more aggressive and more predatory. When the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite infects human brains, it causes people so infected to irrationally love cats.  Many ancient cultures that developed all over the world that were based on agriculture, developed female goddesses depicted with cat heads.  The divine catwomen, were associated with the light of the sun.  Worship of cats/sun/women are merged into a love of cats.

 From that infestation of human bodies and brains, a more aggressive pursuit of warfare developed. Alpha males killed the men and boys of foreign tribes they attacked, and took the females as slaves.  Out of this activity founded on Toxoplasma Gondii triggered release of the hormone Testosterone, conglomerations of tribes were assembled that  eventually became nation/states.  Further development of more accumulation of power finally made ancient empires appear. The empires were created founded upon warfare and slavery of captured peoples. The Alpha males all around the world, at the apex of the social pyramid of power,  then projected their content of consciousness outward, and started building  the pyramids found everywhere around the world, from China, Africa, to South America and North America.  Our current Anglo American Empire of Debt, founded upon central banking and debt generated currency is the final outcome of the evolution of Western Civilization.  Currently, cats and pornography dominate the internet.  Movies feature cats. Cartoons feature cats. Our

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