Jennifer’s hands were shaking as she answered the early morning phone call. She knew it wasn’t Nick. She had worried all night because he didn’t call. “Hello”. It was the assistant warden who told her that her husband had been assaulted last night. Tears began flowing down her cheeks. “And, you people waited until this morning to call me”? The caller explained that Nick was unconscious and had been since the assault. She said they had to stabilize him until he could be air flighted to the University Hospital trauma center. Fragmented is told through Jennifer’s eyes and feelings as well of those of her social worker. Death and grieving affect people in different ways and healing from grief is always an individual, private experience. Jennifer wanted her story to be told because of the unfairness of all that transpired, to explain how sudden death affected her and to help anyone else who may be struggling in their grieving process.
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