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AFTERMATH OF AN INVASION. . . Three brothers are caught in a web of deceit that has lasted for fifteen years. Collin and Johan Omarlo were raised on a distant planet unaware of their noble history. Rarg Omarlo the heir was raised under the iron cruelty of their grandfather Lord Marlis on the planet Urus. While Rarg Omarlo is thought to be weak, his mother the regent expects to control him through his young bride-to-be, Erin Omir. His grandfather expects to use him to gain control over the assets of the planet Racine, something Lord Marlis has wanted since the invasion.DECISIONS FACING THE TWIN BROTHERS…As events unfold Collin and Johan learn of their family’s exceptional history. Both question their older brother’s right to rule on their home planet. Before they can take any action they are separated for the first time. Johan is shanghaied and Collin is imprisoned.Three paths, one goal . . . the rise of the Omarlo clan.
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ISBN: 9781436388597
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