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The Contortionist: Circus Freak Series, #4

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The Contortionist

Book Four

Circus Freak Series

When you work in a travelling carnival, it's easy for things to get twisted.

I'll admit it, I've got my secrets too. But it's nothing like the mutants I spend my days with. And they aren't the worst either. Sometimes, the biggest freaks of them all are the ones I sell tickets to.

They come out for Sunday afternoon shows hoping to catch a glimpse of magic that doesn't really exist. They don't care that, to put on the show, there are a lot of risks.

Sure, I made my choice. I came here by my own will. But ever since that day in high school shop class, I've learned there are things you have to take slow.

With Bearded Martha and Cat distracted with troubles of their own, I'm not so sure what the big deal is about a five finger discount – only that I have four.

My name is Leslie and I'm the carnival contortionist.

It's my job to bend round and round and try not to break my back.

What people don't know, is I'm twisting a whole lot more than that. And someday? All of this will be my show – if can only get away with it. It'll start with getting rid of the new girl named Neptune.

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