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Direction of Life

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You should get rid of your mood being unhappy for the weekdays but just happy for the weekend. Waiting for weekend, holiday or retirement to live is big nonsense. In fact, you are continuously postponing your life without being aware of that. As if you have an evidence for more enough time to come. You prefer to define your happiness under specific circumstances, and most of the time postpone your happiness instead of living the moment. However, the happiness or unhappiness is actually in your hands.
This is a choice. A choice you should make sooner or later. Just like the choice Neo is offered between a red pill and a blue pill to go out of the Matrix. This is the moment of truth and you have to decide now. Will you take the red pill and reject to be prisoned in the Matrix like all the other people in order to walk on your own path? Or will you take the blue pill and stay in the comfortable simulated reality of the Matrix, like all the other silent and obedient millions of people. In other words will you reject the chance of building your own life and walking on your own path easily? Yes, this is just up to you.
Now, move on. Get into action and stop postponing yourself and your life. Take a step. Today or even right now. Otherwise pour tears after 5 or 10 years for your time and dreams which you could not make come true. Crash your head on the walls as you haven’t done anything about what you could. Whine to your close friends. Get sad. Listen to melancholic music. Complain about the time which is passing so fast. Continue to postpone your goals and dreams to the next years. If you really want to be successful then for sure you will be. You are the only one who can prevent yourself being as successful as in your dreams. Means, you are the only who can stop you.

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