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The Awakening of the Halo: The Binding of the Halo Saga, #2

Length: 395 pages6 hours


Destined lovers, Cianne's and Tristan's, lives are forever changed when the Coesen arrive to claim their Halo. Though Cianne remains reluctant to accept her Awakening, Tristan embraces the clandestine race of powerful Supernaturals with a tenacity that can't be explained. Determined to accomplish whatever is required of him, Tristan takes on the Maatii, a brutal test of strength and survival, to prove he is the right man for Cianne and their unborn child.

While Tristan is hurled into a world which existence he never dreamed, his anger for the men who wronged him festers into an uncontrollable hate over the recent months. A line has been crossed and Tristan is determined to make them pay. With his training to be the Halo's Protector and his own revenge scheme, Tristan can't see that he is the hunter being hunted, in the Awakening of the Halo.

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