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Must Have Been Love: Camp Firefly Falls, #20

Length: 54 pages25 minutes


Pretending to still be a happy couple isn't easy. But it's even harder to pretend you're not in love anymore when you are.

When workaholic, suit-and-tie wearing Miller Johnson, and big, burly mechanic Brandon Fuller break up four days before a family wedding, they agree to attend the gathering as a couple to not cast a shadow on the bride and groom's big day. The wedding, a three-day event, is being held at Camp Firefly Falls, and they'll have to bunk together in a cabin and attend all the parties as if they are still a happy couple—something neither of them is looking forward to.

Especially when neither one of them knows exactly why they broke up in the first place.

It must have been love, but it's over now.

Or is it?

Author's Note: The one place these two never had problems was in the bedroom—don't expect that to change just because they are "broken up." Seriously, these two are hot and heavy and you might want to wear welder's gloves when you're holding your eReader.

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