Invention Man Part 2

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Invention Man Part 2

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Length: 284 pages4 hours


Invention Man is a story about Rodney Danville, a young urban youth in anywhere USA. Growing up very shy, being black no one thought his shyness was caused by his intellect. His intelligence was close to genius and during a school science project, an executive from Bio Tech, saw a future in his imagination. He spoke with Rodney and talked him into joining a 'future scientists' program his company was sponsoring. These people had a drug they wanted experimented on and past test showed the drug to be too addictive to use, but with the proper research, some executives at Bio Tech felt it would be worth billions of dollars. So, they groomed Rodney through school and before he graduated from college, they hired him to work for them. It was there they put him to research a drug called Xadil, with horrendous results.
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