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Rajani Chronicles II: Resistance

Length: 291 pages4 hours



James Dempsey and his team of powered humans are stranded on Rajan with no way to find each other. They must search for any resistance fighters among the peaceable Rajani inhabitants.

Meanwhile, there is a political cover-up beginning in the Galactic Alliance. Disgraced Alliance Society for Peace Commander Ries an na Van stumbles upon a terrible secret, one that could mean a greater war within the Alliance should it ever come to light.

While each human struggles to understand and survive on their new, alien planet, they discover that the Rajani are in desperate need of help. The Krahn Horde has decimated the city of Melaanse, and the Rajani are quickly running out of resources.

James, Yvette, Gianni, David, and Kieren are about to face the fight of their lives, and the powers granted by their implanted stones may be the difference between life and death!

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