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Trial by Earth

Length: 91 pages1 hour


For the first twenty years of her life, Nadia St. John thought she was an ordinary young woman. Raised by her aunt and educated at the New England College in New Hampshire, she also believed that luck brought her a job at an exclusive country club.

But Nadia’s world is turned upside down when she learns the club is home to a pack of wolf-shifters and is told that her family is closely related to their alpha.

She’s quickly pulled into a politically-charged world of conflicted wolf-packs, deadly premonitions and sibling subterfuge, where dangerous Trials determine who is permitted to mate . . . with her.

And events are further complicated by an accidental sexual encounter with a young male shifter, throwing her future as pack Progenitor into serious doubt.

Reader Advisory: Warning: A Paranormal Romantic Suspense story containing accounts of women surrendering to handsome, naked men in a forest. If you are offended by sex, muscular men, nudity or wolves . . . read on. You’ll grow to love what happens next.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Continuing storyline throughout the series, with Happy for Now Endings.

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