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Stone Cold Love: Dangerous Futures, #1

Length: 267 pages4 hours


Growing up poor in the slums of Chicago taught me that guys like me don't get any lucky breaks. And I never wanted one. Until I saw the woman I love gunned down in the street like an animal.

We're both FBI special agents. But she's stronger than I am. Better. And seeing her weakened breaks my hardened heart into a million tiny pieces. Lacy stole my breath the first time she waltzed in to new agent training rocking a pencil skirt and killer heels, like a buck twenty of badass Super Girl. And I'll do anything to get the old Lacy back.

She blames me for the day that left her shattered. And I deserve her wrath. Every look…every word. I thought I was tough enough to bring down the Chicago mafia alone. I should have paid the price, but instead, I painted a target on her back. I don't blame her for hating me. But the more she pushes me away the more my body aches for her.

I can't eat. I can't sleep. I need her.

My body longs to possess hers again. Get my second chance. I'm going to make her moan and scream my name in passion instead of anger. Then, I'm going to make her my wife. But we have a haunted past that makes for a dangerous future. The bad guys are back for their pound of flesh.

This time, I'll protect what's mine.

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Stone Cold Love, a full-length FBI/Mafia romantic suspense thriller novel with a HEA by best-selling author Colleen Charles, is intended for mature audiences. This romance book does not contain a cliffhanger as it's a standalone in a series. Although part of the Dangerous Pasts/Futures world, it's a standalone and can be enjoyed either with or without reading the rest of the series.

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