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Claiming Beauty: Billionaire Fairy Tale Romance, #3

Length: 43 pages37 minutes


I want Wes to seduce me…

Every time Wes comes into my candy store, he hardly says more than two words to me. But I want to know everything about my gorgeous customer, so I go to the comic book shop where he spends his Friday nights. When I find out what he's into, I know I can prove to him that I'm more than just a pretty face. I'm the woman he needs in his life.

I want more than sweets from Bella...

Of course, I haven't held onto my billions by taking chances on something I'm not sure of. But when it comes to Bella, I've realized I'll do anything to have her. When we catch two guys trying to rob her store, I'm ready to prove I'm not just the strong, silent type. I'll make them sorry for trying to hurt her and then claim my reward.

One geeky billionaire and sweet shop owner find out they share their passion for more than comics and candy. It doesn't take a roll of the dice for these two to pass their charisma checks when they decide to form a party of two. This standalone 10,000-word short story has no cliffhanger and an HEA!

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