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Avoiding IT Disasters

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This book tells you the real reasons behind enterprise system failure that no one else will tell you. It shows how software is a strange land where your physical world common sense just doesn't apply. It reveals the common fallacies regarding enterprise software and shows why they can lead you to bad decisions. It defines NLP (Non Locality and Proportionality) and shows hows this simple software property combines with software entropy (disorder) to create a toxic brew that can destroy your enterprise system.

Avoiding IT Disasters gives you information that is essential for you to understand if you want your organization to avoid the ravages of enterprise system failure. It includes tips on how to deal with the claims of software salespeople and how to avoid bad systems that can cost so much and deliver so little.

To run your business in the 21st century, you have to navigate through this strange land of enterprise software, and Dr. Gutteridge is uniquely qualified to be your guide. He has a rare combination of experience, that combines a background in theoretical computer science with decades of practical experience in a wide variety of software, including implementing many enterprise systems.

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