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Kane's Scary Tales Volume 1

304 pages4 hours


Once upon a time...
- A young woman runs through a snowy wasteland, fearing for her life, only to find help from an unexpected source...
- A whole town falls asleep, resulting in a joint US/UK military and scientific expedition to find out what happened...
- A serial killer with a penchant for severed feet strikes again...
- A teenage girl seeks refuge in a strange house, only for its owners to return...
- A man wins at cards, then is made an offer he can’t refuse...
With an introduction by World Fantasy Award-winning author Angela Slatter (the Verity Fassbinder series) and cover art by the legendary Les Edwards, join bestselling and award-winning author of RED and Blood RED, Paul Kane, as he once again gives well-loved fairy tales a modern, horror spin. Living happily ever after is far from guaranteed!
‘Kane is a first-rate storyteller’ - Clive Barker
‘Kane’s foot never gets close to the brake pedal’ - Peter Straub
‘He knows how to make you want to avoid the shadows and the cracks in the pavement’ - Mike Carey
‘Kane finds the everyday horrors buried within us, rips them out and serves them up in these deliciously dark tales’ - Kelley Armstrong
‘Kane’s scary tales will take you down shadowy paths’ - Angela Slatter

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