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The How Plus The 4 W's Of Prayer

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God declares our prayers are so precious and beautiful to him to such an extent; he has angels posted while we are praying who collects them (Revelation 5:8) and places our prayers in golden vials (huge).

When we pray; we are enforcing the judgments Jesus Christ passed on the devil at Calvary.
Prayer is God’s gift of power to us to deal decisive, effective and definitive defeats to the intents of the devil. We pray from a standpoint of victory.

Michael the Archangel when contending with the devil demonstrated the best way to deal an effective, decisive and definitive defeat against the devil is to rely on God's power and say “The Lord rebuke thee.” (Jude 9)

Again, when the devil tried to prevent the answer to Daniel's prayer from being delivered to him; the Archangel Michael showed up and simply “took” without a struggle the answer and delivered the answer to Daniel. (Daniel 10:13)

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