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Sex & What? What Every Christian Youth Needs

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Talking about sex seems obscene. It is never easy. The church sometimes shies away from it. The parents don't see it as a necessity to teach their children sex education. Everybody tries to cope with the feelings beneath the skirts and trousers.
However, day after day, the world in general, especially the youth, faces constant sexual struggles. The unwanted thoughts, the compulsive habits, painful pasts, the lust and the illicit acts stare into our faces the phobia and shame of being caught in the web!
The homes are lacking the luster of good parents who can shape and re-shape the destiny of their children. Busy husbands and wives turn jokes to jabs, jabs to brawl, brawl to duel and duel to divorce. The trend weakens the morale of raising a good home patterned after God's own desires. These and many more rock the boats of our life!
How do we deal with them? What are their effects on our homes, family, work, career and destiny? In this book, ‘SEX & WHAT?’, more illuminating light is shed on these intricate issues.
‘SEX & WHAT?’ is a book that unveils the secrets about sex, relationship, family & its issues and the chemistry of nature!

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