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The Kirishitan Problem (Death Among Brothers, Book 2)

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Japan 1633. Hideki is on his first musha shugyo to sharpen his sword skills. He is now a left-handed swordsman, an oddity in Japan and therefore a target of ridicule. Hideki travels to the southern most Japanese island of Kyushu with his new mentor Yagyu Jubei attempting to learn the techniques of Shinkage-ryu from the former instructor to the shogun. If he can win respect as an elite swordsman again, he may regain his confidence as a martial artist and a man.

Once on Kyushu Island, Hideki and Jubei make some disturbing discoveries. Something is killing Kirishitans (Christians) on Mt. Taro at night. Whole Japanese farming villages are disappearing and Chinese Buddhist Temples are being turned into slaughter houses. No one has a clue who is perpetrating these crimes. On top of this Hideki finds Nagasaki riddled with corruption from top to bottom. Profit is king. Honor and bushido mean nothing. It is a world gone mad.

Before Hideki and his friends are through, his faith in bushido will be stretched as they are attacked by a tengu, tangle with a yellow eyed demon, fight with pirates, help defend a village of Ryukyuan sailors and hire out to protect the hard boiled female owner of a brothel.

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