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Arrival of a Stranger: Stranger Series, #2

223 pages3 hours


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to peer inside the mind of a serial killer?

Detective Tom Harris is a seasoned veteran who takes the lead on the case after the first slaying occurs and is in a race against time to track down the demented perpetrator before the next victim is discovered.

Each horrific murder provides a detailed journey and insight of a killer who creates a belief in a psychotic mission that wreaks havoc in the town of Mead Colorado.

Leaving minimal clues and evidence with no apparent pattern or motive will lead him down a trail of brutally mutilated bodies― to an extent he has never encountered in his career.

Will Detective Tom Harris end the chaos that continues to take lives or will he fail in the attempt to save those who come face to face with their gruesome fate?

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