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Between the Ears

134 pages2 hours


This comic Irish fiction novel describes strange goings-on in sleepy Ballyloo, where two dials on the village clock have any significance: opening and closing time.
On this momentous night, rather than the usual stampede to the pub, it’s so still you can hear the temperature drop.
Something is afoot but what?
When Guard Gerry Berry is called upon to investigate, events soon conspire against him. As the night wears on, he is hampered by a man with a very large gun, a damsel in distress, and a remarkable inability to think straight.
Read on as our hapless hero entrusts his fate to a man with a vested interest in seeing him dead, and a star-struck witness who can hardly remember her own name...

‘The examination of the reported crime does not get anywhere; but it leaves you with your head and your ears ringing, and - as the book might say - killing yourself laughing.’
- Emeritus Professor Bernard O’Donoghue
Winner of the Whitbread Prize for Poetry

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