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Tri-Colored Cats

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Part 1:

A few men meet another group of people. They sit to the cars, the protagonist sits with the girl. They talk for some time, and then they arrive.
The company of Russian guests, American citizens and UN employees has lunch, during it they also talk on various topics.
The main heroes are going to the place where the WTC complex was. They talk about politics and history.
The girl and the guy return to the hotel, the others come back, and then the whole company relocates to the building other floor.
The press conference begins. The journalists start asking about war crimes, army supplying, fighting causes and punishment to the criminals.
The old company relocates to the familiar restaurant table and began to celebrate their meeting with alcohol.
Two main heroes go to the Central Park. They discuss their lives, childhood, families, professions, war and art.

Part 2:

The protagonist meets the heroine in the airport. They take the bus and go to the main hero’s house. During the ride they met two young women and talk with them.
The heroes come to the protagonist’s flat, see the kitten, chat a little, and then she began to cook, he lends his countenance to her.
The friends of the main hero join the company for celebrating the protagonist’s birthday. They sit at the table, eat, drink and talk. Some time later they go for a walk.
The company leaves the house and goes down the Novosibirsk city streets. One of the guests tells a story about the recent war events. They reach some war memorial.
The main heroes say goodbye to their friends and then return home almost the same way.
Gina and Andrey arrive home. They begin to kiss and to take their clothes off.
Two main heroes go to the kitchen and have supper. They chat, joke, laugh and reflect, after that they go back to the room.
Young people wake up the next day morning. They lie in the bed for some time, talking about the protagonist’s childhood.
The heroes go breakfast. They continue talking about the guy’s past, after that they relocate to the room again, where they pet and make a conversation about Andrey’s university studying.
The main heroes keep talking about the past a little, and then they listen to a couple of romantic and metal songs.
Gina and Andrey sit on the bed and talk more. She asks him about his life in another city. After that they begin to make some physical exercise.
The heroes are in the kitchen once again. They eat, drink and chat, as earlier, and then they prepare to go out.
The protagonist and the heroine leave the quarters and walk toward the bus stop. Andrey tells Gina about his favorite TV-show now. They ride to some place, where the bad events had happened some time ago. They talk about the city and the recent war.
Two main heroes go through the neighborhood. They continue their dialogue about the Novosibirsk city – about its streets and about that had occurred last year. The protagonist tells another story on the move.
Gina and Andrey reach the city waterfront. They stand among a big number of people and listen to the songs, which sound loudly. However, they like them, especially the lyrics. After the end of the performance they direct their steps to the scene – they want to see the group leader.
The heroes get through the crowd and meet the vocalist. They chat for a few minutes, then the singer leaves, and then they are going to approach the riverside.

Part 3:

Gina, her daughter Debbie and Andrey sit on the couch and began to watch the record of some Russian TV-show, where Gina took part recently. The host of this show asks questions about his guest’s films.
The heroes keep watching the show. The anchorman wants to know about charity, interfering in affairs of a country, and then they start talking about the recent Civil War in Russia, and their conversation turns into the dispute about what people from the both sides fought for and wha

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