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Navy Wife: Sharon’s First Adventure

38 pages33 minutes


Devoted US Navy wife, Sharon, never in her wildest thoughts imagined she'd end up watching a male stripper at a party. Tonight, she's drunk and horny, when she sees Terry, a friend of her husband that is stripping for the Horny Navy Wives. Before she knows it, her hands are making their way down his tanned, sculpted body. Overtaken with desire for this dark-skinned hunk, she gives herself up to the moment, wondering just how far she might take it ...


Then it hit her; she did, in fact, know this guy. It was Terry, a friend of Shaun’s. He had been stationed with Shaun at NAS North Island before Terry got out of the Navy. Her stomach flipped with a mixture of shock and excitement. She couldn’t get over what I was seeing. She watched, transfixed, as Terry began making his way around the room, visiting each table. He would pause at each table for a few minutes and let the excited women explore his body.

As he began to approach her table, she wondered what would happen. At first, she thought maybe she should crawl under the table and hide. Then realized there was no reason to do so.

She started screaming even louder. Terry recognized her as he came over dancing straight toward her.

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