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Zeus Tames His Temper: Taki & Toula Time Travelers, #3

42 pages7 minutes


A full-color Easy Reader book ideal for children aged 6-8 years old. Or a great read-aloud book for younger children.

Two modern-day children. A pair of old shoes. And a time-traveling adventure.

Join Taki and Toula as they're launched back to the days of Ancient Greece. In this adventure Taki and Toula arrive at Mount Olympus. Zeus is having an argument with his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, over who should be the ruler of the gods. Zeus wants to win so badly he's willing to bully his brothers.

It turns out Zeus has a terrible temper!

How will Taki and Toula help Zeus tame his temper and become the ruler of Olympus fairly?

Laugh along as Taki and Toula create history. Greek mythology has never been this much fun!

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