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Alex North 2025

190 pages2 hours


A modern day technological thriller. When Alex North was born 25 years ago, little did his parents realise that he would be responsible for the death of millions of people. Alex was born different to any other child, he never sleeps, and was expected to not live beyond his fifth birthday. But against all odds, he not only survived, he has become a genius, able to study twenty-four hours a day. Eventually he figures a way to re-write the entire internet with his new coding he has spent his life developing, and unknowing to him, the government has been using it to kill millions of people. They have been using his technology to round up and control the worlds ever growing population, but it isn't enough, and when the ZEN (Zero Environmental Negativity) project is realised. Alex North is the only man who can take back control of a technology he has unleashed into the world, but with time running out, the Zen project is set to take over the world. Soon, all known human life on the planet could be controlled, by a simple touch of a button!

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