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12 Steps & 12 Traditions: Applying the 11th Step

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You, like my co-author, Mark R, may be in the ongoing process of “recovering” from some form of addictive behavior. Or like me, you’re struggling with enabling or co-dependency issues. But, do you, like us, find that SIMPLY READING our 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, is not enough? Yes, we all must SHARE OUR THOUGHTS, as we do in all our 12 Step Meetings, but Mark has experienced the need to move to a deeper level or two: TO ALSO PRAY THE 12 AND 12, one Step or Tradition each day. Further, with the help of Higher Power we’re to be OPEN TO HIS HELP, leading to a definite RESOLUTION to progress. Well there’s already a well-defined approach, spelled out clearly in our own Eleventh Step: “BY PRAYER & MEDIATION….” The 4 steps are: READ, REFLECT, RESPOND & RESOLVE. Mark and I invite you to pray one with us. At first, he and I will do them all for you; in the latter part of the book, we’ll let you loose to try it on your own, either alone or at an Eleventh Step Meeting

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