The Colon Cancer "Miracle"

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The Colon Cancer "Miracle"

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Ewan Cameron is a Vancouver-based health researcher that has uncovered the truth about colon cancer and how the pharmaceutical industry has kept this hidden from the public. a graduate of the northern Alberta institute of technology, he completed his journalism studies in the early 2000’s before joining a local newspaper, where he became disillusioned by his editor’s refusal to publish health-related and pollution-related news stories. the reason? they would upset their corporate clients on which the newspaper depended for advertising revenue. after setting up his own blog and publishing more than thirty health-related books under a pen name, Ewan was contacted by a whistleblower working at a U.S. pharmaceutical company. some of the explosive material he revealed is contained in the pages of this book.
In this explosive exposé, Ewan Cameron reveals:
• how to heal yourself naturally of colon cancer • stories of ordinary people who cured themselves of colon cancer naturally • why the quality of your health depends on the quality of your cells • how colon cancer starts first in the mind • 33 facts vaccine companies don’t want you to know • the 7 toxic foods on your family’s dinner table • 17 natural colon remedies “they” don’t want you to know about • the truth about what really causes colon cancer • how to live to 100 and beyond – little-known longevity secrets • the 21 toxic chemicals in your home & bathroom • how to regain your health naturally & rapidly • actions you can take right now to heal from colon cancer
...and much, much more!

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