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Under His Covering: The Blooming Of Faith Book 1, #1

118 pages1 hour


Three women, three stories, and three tragedies. Lola, malicious, conniving and misunderstood. Monique vain, promiscuous and alone but with a heart of gold. Queen money hungry, mentally unstable and lost. How do you cope with life after being physically, mentally and emotionally abused? What if you were sold into slavery by someone you trusted? How do you stop deceiving when deceit is all you know? Sins of mothers and fathers result in the downfall of daughters. Scandal, drug abuse, family secrets, and murder. Young lives changed forever, warnings from above and final realization that with God there is always a second chance in any circumstance. Under His Covering: The Blooming of Faith will take you on an emotional roller coaster with twists and turns that will leave you crying for more. Hold on to your seat because Under His Covering: The Blooming of Faith promises to be the thriller of a lifetime.

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