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Long Walk, Short Pier

205 pages2 hours


Blaire Copeland is told she’s going through ‘the change.’ Between hot flashes and mood swings, she tries to figure out what she’s changing into. At fifty-five, she thought she'd slip quietly into menopause. She was so wrong. Her mother tells her it's her time--time to stop doing and start listening to her inner voice that will guide her through this change. Confused, but trusting her mother’s wisdom, Blaire heads south to Eventide, her family home on Isle of Hope, Georgia, to reflect on what it might mean to change—and to take a long walk off a short pier. She finds a single mom of two—the caretaker’s fiancée—living in the house. She is also reunited with Davis Rembert, the boy she once fantasized about marrying, and the attraction has not died.

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