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When Spell Freezes Over: All My Exes Die From Hexes, #4

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Everyone deserves a happy ending, or so the saying goes.

Not going to lie, things look bleak, don't they? Archangel Michael has seized control of Hell, and Zeus is dead. The Hell-Heaven Accords could falter at any moment, and when they do, bedlam. Cats marrying dogs, fire raining from the sky, chipmunks stuffing taxidermists... And the throne of the Underworld being tossed up for contention.

Marc Angeletti used to be one of the good guys. The last place the former priest and fallen Pure Soul ever thought he'd end up was in Hell, vying with fallen angels for power. Marc's faith, however, may prove the key to winning the day—the only catch being that that means making the love of his life, Riona, into the enemy. No problem, he's done it before. Only then, it was because damnation would be the price for sleeping with the witch. As a demon, what does he have to lose trying to seduce her to join him in Hell? If he plays this game of underworld politics just right, he might be able to have his cake and eat her too.

Meanwhile, Riona, Jerry, and Dee finally decode the Keystone's prophecy, making them realize the true implications of the coming battle. New alliances and old adversaries vie for favor, and Marc shows up to aid the Pure Souls just as a revenge-bent Greek goddess demands both Hell and Heaven's attention. Only, Riona isn't sure what Marc's true goal is: helping defeat the fallen, or undermining her marriage to Jerry.

Note: This book was previously released as The Devil You Know.

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