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Artemis Caine and the Dark Mage

323 pages2 hours


Artemis Caine is a young boy who is at the service of the infamous thief Alexei Leeroy. Rescued by the latter when he was just a kid, he is forced to serve the old man and to learn the thieving trade. However things changed drastically when they encounter a dwarf who take him away to the magical city of Faeria where Artemis meets a very peculiar mage who makes a stunning revelation: Artemis is a mage. 

He finds himself in a new and totally unbelievable world filled with magic and which proves to be more dangerous than he initially thought. He quickly finds out that the city of Faeria is the center of major conflicts that is slowly tearing the city apart and things get out of hand when the creatures of a certain dark mage appear again. 

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