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Grind or Grace: Fighters, Mentors, Entrepreneurs. 10 Jiu-Jitsu Principles for Stress-Free Success

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Worn out trying to fix relationships that don't work? Burnt out from the demands of a career that is taking you nowhere? Exhausted from struggling to survive the world's relentless pounding? In this book, T.D. Abe unlocks the secrets on how you can find your life's purpose and experience true success with ten essential keys found in the unexpected art of Jiu-Jitsu. 

Grind or Grace is a Christian self-help, motivation book that will equip you to face set-backs and difficult challenges practically and effectively. The book gives you life-changing insights on top athletes' mindsets, valuable business practices of the world's most celebrated entrepreneurs, and dynamic coaching habits that are redefining how the game is played. The code that you will discover in Grind or Grace has been used by the most influential individuals in their pursuit of happiness and personal development, which in turn have resulted to lasting success that have impacted their generation.

This book will help you find your God-given unique ability, and in embracing it, you will become more confident to move in a higher level than ever before. It will help you accomplish the dreams you have always wanted to do, and even possess the things that you never thought you could have, without compromising your inner peace. Grind or Grace talks about ten counterintuitive ways that the author has learned from practicing Jiu-Jitsu that will give you stress-free success, ten irrefutable principles on how even the smallest guy can take down the his giant opponents in life. This book is a must read for counsellors, ministers, business people, consultants, and trainers. 

"What the world thinks is a weakness is the very thing that will propel you to greater heights, the secret to conquering insurmountable challenges, and living out the life you've always worked hard for but never achieved."

Some Chapters chapters Includeinclude:
- If you're forcing it you're doing it wrong
- Commit to the grace
- To be mature is to be basic
- Set your mind free: Be like a water
- Position before submission
- It's not always about winning

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