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Self-Worth vs Net Worth: Money Consciousness Series #4

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There are many differences between self-worth and net-worth. self-worth is internal while net-worth is external. Most of us believe that climbing the corporate ladder or being successful in business gives us self-worth when it really only provides us net-worth.

Some distinguishing characteristics between self-worth and net-worth are:
(a) Self-worth reveals internal measure while net-worth reveals external numeric measure.
(b) Self-worth is something we were born with while net-worth can be inherited or acquired.
(c) Self-worth is based on feelings of added value while net-worth is based on earnings.
(d) Self-worth comes from internal decisions while net-worth comes from outside decisions.
(e) Self-worth can only come from inside while net-worth involves gaining from others.
(f) Self-worth measures self-love while net-worth measures wealth
(g) Self-worth creates happiness while net-worth creates an image of happiness

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