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How to Grow Marijuana with LEDs

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In How to Grow Marijuana with LEDs, the authors provide a well-educated insight into the still-controversial world of LED grow lights.  Robert's 16+ years of solid state lighting design (Over 12 years designing effective grow lighting) and Toby's extensive experience growing with LEDs will help the reader to:

Understand what lighting plants really need Choose the LED grow light that best suits their needs Separate fact from the fiction when dealing with LED lighting marketers Grow some of the finest marijuana (or any other plant) under LEDs Increase the size of their harvests significantly using LEDs

With almost 2 decades working with some of the biggest names in the LED manufacturing business, the authors identify the hype surrounding LEDs, and particularly, LED grow lights, and show you how to evaluate every aspect of any grow light design.

While this book does not claim to be a complete replacement for the volumes of information available concerning all aspects of horticulture, a practical, step-by-step grower's guide is provided for all levels of expertise, using real-life tried-and-tested methods for growing the highest quality cannabis under LEDs.  LEDs can't be used the same way as more traditional lighting, such as High Pressure Sodium lamps, and this guide will put the reader well on their way to harvesting the best-looking and tastiest plants possible.

This book is for you if you:

Want the largest, most consistent yields in indoor growing Want the highest quality indoor crops possible Want to save money on energy costs and parts replacement Want to reduce fire risks and heat signature in your grow area

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