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In Your Dreams

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Jack Parsons, Chief Editor at THE GREAT ESCAPE is living the dream.

Actually, more than one dream.

When a colleague calls out to him at an airport, a woman he'd never met before asks him for a cigarette and an old acquaintance, who once brought out the very worst in him turns up unexpectedly, Jack begins to question where dreams end, and reality takes over. Maybe it's time he took a break.

While visiting an old friend in Amsterdam life just gets that bit more exciting – for all the wrong reasons. Unexpected and uninvited, Monika bursts into his life. Things can't get any worse. Or can they?

Jack has always had a talent for making enemies. Ambiguous, enigmatic, cynical, and short-fused, Jack Parsons also knows how to hold a grudge. By harnessing and mastering his dark side, he begins to unravel the nightmare that is slowly unfolding before him.

Are these vivid dreams some kind of out-of-body experience, astral travel or is he simply starting to lose it?

The past has sharp teeth. Sooner or later, any unfinished business always comes back to bite.

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