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Death Yells "CUT!": Lizzie Crenshaw Mystery, #9

217 pages3 hours


Lizzie Crenshaw has her hands full, running the newspaper and looking after baby Cassie. Luckily for her, the people of Brookdale are more than happy to help her take care of the baby. But she definitely doesn't have the time to investigate another murder.

There are rumors in town that a movie is going to be filmed there, and when the director shows up, that seems to confirm the rumors. But not everyone in town is happy to see him. Hours after being seen and heard arguing with Gladys Norwell at the Eat it or Starve Cafe, Gabriel Skinner is found dead, in her mailbox...and in her shed.

Gladys swears she had nothing to do with his death, but the evidence is stacked against her. Thanks to Jake Mathias, Lizzie is roped into investigating. But will Lizzie find the proof she needs to clear Gladys' name, or has Gladys finally gone too far this time?

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