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Money Beliefs: Money Consciousness Series #5

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Wealth comes from the belief that you are worthy of it. Being worthy of wealth is a journey for the courageous, brave and strong. It’s easy to give-up. It takes strength to get up year after year after losing your savings, losing a job or business or even losing your health that is necessary to help you gather and maintain wealth.

The way we relate to money will always expose our worthiness of wealth.

Signs of Being Worthy of Wealth:
You keep your credit cards less than 30% of utilization.
You save 10% or more of your monthly income.
You create a budget for your increased wealth ahead of time.
Your credit score is important to you.
You are grateful for little and much.
Money amplifies who we are. If we are stingy, we become stingier with money. If we are greedy, we become greedier with money. Money makes us more of who we already are on the inside. We must take full responsibility for who we are without blaming money for the things we find ourselves doing especially when we have more money. Our goal should be to allow money to amplify the good that is within us. Allow money to amplify more joy, peace, love, self-control, patience and faithfulness. It’s not magic. It’s our belief about we think we are.

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