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The Visitor Celebrates: A Friendly Reverse Harem Tale (interracial reverse harem)

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Be careful what you wish for — and ready when it comes!

Gina's happy to be joining her brother's new extended family for the holidays. There's snow, and laughter, and even a bunch of sweet kids that the older folks pay Gina to mind a couple of hours a day. A college girl can use every dime she can get her hands on!

The problem is what the others are doing while she's babysitting.

Because the family Gina's brother Mario married into — it's the wildly polyamorous clan from The Visitor Saga! It's no fun being the only person in a huge vacation house spending her nights not just alone, but with fewer than three people in her bed.

Of course, Lea, Sean, Andy and the rest don't want to leave poor Gina out. They decide to give her a holiday present she'll never forget.

This novella is the first installment in The Visitor's Apprentice, a wild, reverse-harem follow-up to The Visitor Saga and The Visitor's Wedding:

1) The Visitor Celebrates

2) The Visitor Falls (order now!)

3) The Visitor Stands Tall (coming soon!)

(21,000 words. Interracial polyamorous erotic romance — BWWMBMWM reverse harem. Implied MFF and FFF. Adult readers only.)


Gina found herself considering her mental orgy pragmatically for the first time. “Um. Do all six of y’all… I mean, Kirsten, you and Sean…?”

“Oh. Gawd. No.” Kirsten blushed. Under different circumstances, Gina would have been pleased with herself. “No.”

Cherry chuckled and tapped her lover’s nose with a gloved fingertip. “We tried to talk them into it once — I mean, not to get the two of ‘em to do anything, just to get all of us naked in the same room. They both started giggling like little girls.”

Kirsten’s blush deepened.

“Sean?” Gina found herself laughing along. “Damn. I’d have like to’ve seen that.”

“Yeah, it was quite something, let me tell you.”

Kirsten looked mutinous, about to say something, when the door opened and Lea returned with Prior, Sean, and Andy in tow, each in a hastily tossed-on coat.

Gina quite forgot about whatever they’d been talking about. She was solely aware in that moment that all three men were gargantuan. And gorgeous. And good LORD.

“Lea said you had something you wanted to ask us?” Sean said. He was smiling mildly at her — they all were.

Gina was speechless.

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