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Athena, Goddess Of Communication Strategies

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Women and men communicate in very different styles, and that’s fine - we just need to know that! We women act “girlie, feminine,” while men assume superiority, accept success as a right. Subservience is a strategy cave girls established to curry favor with small-brained, club wielding CEO’s.

Out of tradition we women are still subservient, in fear of our corporate lives. If we want respect and equal dividends, we have to use “tradition” as a beard. We women need to stop “feeling” and start “thinking”. We need to speak in facts, not feelings! We need to make decisions, Not, “Well...maybe we could...” “Well...I’m not sure..., maybe we could...” We’re so careful not to make a CEO feel bad - or the mail clerk...

Our voice, itself, needs firmer sounds to reflect our intelligence. Our non verbal communication: posture, voice control, manipulation, verbiage, attitude, back stabbing, bullying, hair and dress styles - all need review and maybe change. We can still be women - female, but we can be intelligent women, not “girls”.

Athena, Goddess of wisdom and strength guides us women to fuse our vast intellect and feminine wiles to be recognized as a viable force in the corporate world and beyond. We have the ability to lead, to teach, to love - achieve - that is our nature. But, respect in return is paramount; respect and appreciation for all people is now the tradition.

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